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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plushies made of?

Skin/Hair: Minky Polyester, Buttons: ABS plastic, Stuffing: Polyester fibre, Overalls: Cotton twill, Stitching: Cotton

What are the dust bags made of?

Bags and strings are made of 100% cotton.

How tall are the plushies?

Zuri is 12.75” tall

Dre  is 11.5” tall

What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

How do I care for my Plushie?

Wipe plushies with a damp cloth. We do not recommend machine washing Zuri or Dre. You can machine wash their clohes after removing them from the plushies, on a gentle cycle, but do no put their clothes or the plushies in the dryer.

When will the plushies be shipped?

Shipment starts in January 2021.

Do I have to buy both plushies?

Nope! Each Plushie is stold individually.

Do you offer wholesale or consignment opportunties?

Yes, we do! Before offering a wholesale or consignment contract, we always want to make sure that the store is a great fit for Zuri & Dre. Make sure to send us a message to get the consignment process started!

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